Our COVID-19 Safety precautions

Our Diners' and Staff's Safety is Our Top Priority

Our restaurant partners work tirelessly to maintain the most rigorous standards of cleanliness and precautions to protect their staff, our distribution partner, and our diners from the constant threat of COVID-19. Read on to better understand these standards.

All restaurant partners observe the strictest safety protocols.

  • All surfaces are pristinely sanitized before, during, and after service.
  • All production groups are separated into teams that never interact and work different shifts.
  • The actual production process within these teams has been adjusted to accommodate proper distancing between team members during shifts.
  • There is zero direct contact between restaurant and delivery teams.

Interested in joining as a restaurant partner?

  • We welcome other restaurants to join in this effort while maintaining these standards! 
  • All interested restaurant companies will go through a detailed vetting process with Food It Forward staff and will need to have an excellent record with Health Inspections.
  • The minimum requirements for participation is to have:
    • At least three production locations
    • Each location must be staffed and run with at least two separate production crews that are never in the restaurant at the same time.

Our restaurant partners require these details and redundancies to protect the ability to meet our orders and defend against the threat of COVID-19.

Interested restaurants may connect with us at info@fooditforwardDC.com